The following are from emails I have received re the above:

“We would like to extend from three rinks to six – do the LLB see any Health and Safety issues with this? and there have been several queries on a similar theme”.

I then put this question to Bob Donnelly 

I have had a few queries like this – surely it is still up to each club

and in particular to ensure that social distancing is maintained, which in turn relates to the number of rinks used

AND therefore how many players per rink….. or have I got it wrong ???

Bob Donnelly replied

“You are correct June it is not up to the LLB to decide. They should consult with their local council who will advise them.

Bob Donnelly supplied further information

“I can’t see anything has changed except that the safe distance has been reduced from 2m. to 1.5m which makes playing a trips game possible but difficult to organise to maintain the distance. All sanitary measures remain the same, but as each council interprets the rules differently you should check with your local sports councillor what they require. If not, the Guardia may stop you playing, and close the club.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful as the rules from the Government Sports Council covers all sports”.

I would hope that ALL the above helps answers questions in general on how you may proceed with your Social

bowling at your individual club.