Bowlers Required

Hi All,
As you hopefully all know last season we won the Northern League Trips League for the very first time in Bonalba’s history.
I would personally like to thank everyone for their help and input into this achievement regardless if you played or did not, at the end of the day it was a club achievement. I was approached yesterday by a club member asking if was possible to run a second team in the Northern League, we did this two years ago one team the Steed’s did quite well but the Colts struggled finishing bottom of the league. While I’m all for as many of our bowlers playing competition bowls as possible, I will not break up the squad that has just won the league, as I believe that they deserve a chance to retain the championship. So with this in mind, I’m asking if any of our new bowlers would like to play competitive bowls every Monday on a home and away basis. If so please let me know, we would need at least 15/16 bowlers. Please don’t forget that we also run a Winter League team on a Wednesday, when we need a minimum of 20 bowlers.


Roli Bell