Jávea Green Bowls Club (SR Print Sponsored 321) 14/06/23

3rd Place

Congratulations to Geoff Dowson, Eve and Roli Bell 

4th Place

Paul Mayne, Chris and Dennis Wright

Jávea Green BC SR Print sponsored 321 held today at their new venue Calpe BC. Safe to say an excellent competition but on a long hot day!

to this year’s winners Javeas”The 3 G’s “(?) Brenda Burgess, Christina Harris and Greg Sperring. 
Runners up were El Cids “Alfie’s Lot” Hazel Brown, Jean McLaughlin and Chris Salter. 
3rd place to “Santos” Bonalbas Eve and Roli Bell with Geoff Dowson and finally 4th place to the “3 Amigos” Dennis and Chris Wright with Paul Mayne.
Teams played 3 games of 18 ends made up of 6 trips, 6 pairs and 6 singles! No luck for the other 2 teams from El Cid this time, “Also Rans”Selma and Ian Blight with John Feek mid table and “InCIDers” Paul Trunchion with Stewart Beattie and Jimmy Paveling (they didn’t come last though it was close!!!) Many thanks to Jávea Green and Calpe BCs this the first competition under joint management.