Phase Three


These are the new measures you need to know, effective from Monday, June 15, in case of approval):
Time bands: Completely removed.
Meetings: It is extended to 20 people, respecting the rules of safety and hygiene, as well as the safety distance of at least 2 metres.
Mobility between provinces: It is allowed to move freely through the 3 provinces of the Comunidad Valenciana.
Opening of swings and playgrounds on public roads.
Shops: They can all open, regardless of the size, with a maximum capacity of 50%.
Shopping centres: The use of common areas is allowed at 40% capacity and a distance of 2 meters. Shops at 50 %.
Markets: Increase up to 50% of the usual stands.
Hotels: Opening of common areas, including swimming pool and spa, at 50% capacity.
Bars and Restaurants: Consumption in counters is allowed as long as a minimum separation of 2 m is guaranteed. Terraces at 75% capacity, with a maximum occupancy of 20 people per table.Inside 50 %.
Pubs and discos: 1/3 of its capacity, without a dance floor.
Funeral: limit of 50 people in open spaces or 25 in closed spaces.
Weddings and religious sites: Indoor or outdoor, as long as it doesn’t exceed 75% of the capacity with a maximum of 150 people outdoors and 75 indoors.
Cinema, theatre, auditorium: Pre-assigned seats with 50% of the capacity.
Outdoor shows: maximum of 800 people. They must remain seated and respecting the social distance of 2 m.
Museums, exhibition halls, cultural shows and libraries: maximum capacity of 50% and groups of up to 20 people.
Casinos, gaming and recreational rooms: 50% of the capacity.
Active and nature tourism: Allowed with groups of up to 30 people.If you bring a guide, 20 people.
Tourist recreational centres, zoos and aquariums: 50% capacity, limiting to 1/3 the capacity in attractions and closed places.
Beach: Bathing is allowed on the beaches respecting the distances and safety measures.
Sport: Sports competitions return. Pools and sports centre at 30% of its capacity.

The use of a mask is mandatory on public roads, outdoor spaces and in any closed space, as long as it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of at least 2 metres.