Bonalba to Co-Host the Valencian Bowls Championships

It was decided at the last LLB meeting that, Bonalba Bowls and Greenlands will Co-Host the Valencian Bowls Championship, which will run from the 14th September to the 27th September.

The draw was made by June Jones, Bob Donnelly and John O’Brien as per the rules of the draw. The clubs that did NOT host last year’s Championship  received preferential treatment.

Bonalbas NEW green has been fitted, marked out and approved.

Bonalba have undergone a full transformation, with a new green, grounds landscaped, redecorated clubhouse.

So come and support your club in the Valencian Championships, enjoy the tranquil surroundings at Bonlaba.

Refreshments available

We look forward to seeing you all at Bonalba