The Bonalba Hong Kong Trophy December 4th 2023

It was a big day for the Bonalba Colts and the Bonalba Steeds as they faced each other in the Northern league, and also competed for the Hong Kong trophy. These matches have always been hotly contested, but today was all about the Steeds, who dominated on every rink.
Ted Brooking, Chris, and Dennis Wright won 25-10, while Sue Green, Paul Mayne, and Vee Wood won their game 27-10.
Eve Bell, Steve McNally, and Marjorie Parnham won their game 18-13, and Dave Sparrow, Seamus Barry, and Roli Bell won their match by a massive 26-5.
The final score was Bonalba Colts 38 shots, Bonalba Steeds 96 shots, with the Steeds taking all 10 points on offer.
The friendly team result also went the same way, with Vicente Barron, Jenny Himsworth, and Rosemary Brooking winning the friendly match.
It was an absolute victory for the Steeds, and they made sure that their dominance was felt on every rink and moved up to fourth place in the league.
Congratulations Bonalba Steeds