Social Scene at Bonalba

Welcome to our Social Scene Web page

Our new Social Secretary Ted Brooking will be creating events for bowling and non-bowling social members, and he would like your thoughts and ideas to improve this page of our website

Note that non-bowling members can join our club as social members and enjoy some or all of the events we are planning listed below.

Provided we have enough interest we would be looking at the following events,

  • Playing Cards (afternoon or evening)– Bridge, Partner Whist, and Cribbage
  • Lessons would be available for Beginners if required. We are open to suggestions
  • Play your cards right night
  • Race Nights
  • Quiz Nights General Knowledge.
  • Quiz nights for the bowlers all Bowling related Questions
  • Mexican Train Night (Dominoes)
  • Bingo
  • Miniature crown green bowls on a very uneven carpet (even the non-bowler social members could play)
  • Chess Challenge.

Other Considerations will be

  • Excursions/Bus tours for our Bowlers and Social Members e.g. Benissa for a tour of the distillery followed by a gin and wine tasting/tapas event.
  • A trip to the Christmas market in Madrid then on to see the beautiful ancient town of Toledo
  • Bowling Weekend or Mid-Week down Marbella way. Bowling clubs in that area are able to play against us.
  • If possible we could add some duty-free shopping in Gibraltar?

Remember it’s YOUR CLUB, so please feel free to forward any other ideas to the Social Secretary for inclusion in our attempt to have a wider social friendly (cheap) nice time here in Spain.

We will be posting the planned events to gauge interest on our social notice board soon.

Not a member yet? For more information contact [email protected]

For any Social information contact [email protected]