Membership Fees 2021

These are the details from the committee meeting held on Tuesday 24th November re membership fees for next year.
These are payable between 1st and 31st January and will be collected on roll-up days in January 2021 before the start of roll-up.
Payment is divided into three sections.

  1. The annual membership fee for all members is €15 per annum.
  2. Federation fee €10 per annum to be paid by all bowlers. This payment goes direct to the Spanish Bowls Federation and provides insurance for all competitive matches.
  3. Green Fees, as always you have a choice of either paying €4 very time you play or a one-off payment €200 which covers your green fees for the whole year.
    As mentioned previously, due to the disruption of Covid lockdown throughout the year, there will be a reduction of €50 for all members that paid €200 last year, but were unable to play.