• On leaving your car you should be wearing a mask.
  • On club premises, you must wear a mask unless you are eating, drinking or playing bowls.
  • No more than 20 people on the green at any one time.
  • Social distancing to be observed at all time.
  • No physical contact between players who are not from the same household. 
  • Hands to be sanitised before during and after the match. 
  • Each lead shall have his or her own jack and mat (different colours) 
  • Should any equipment be touched, the equipment and hands to be sanitised.  eg. bowl or jack in the ditch, after measuring and use of ditch markers.
  • Touchers  –  use of spray chalk or chalk pens only 



The following is in the agreed Generic Protocol which was introduced to help protect and keep safe all our fellow players and give them confidence in being able to play our sport and that their welfare is paramount. This MUST be followed as it is a MINIMUM requirement.

Before travelling to a venue

2.No one with any symptoms of a fever or dry cough should enter the premises. If you feel unwell do not travel and inform your squad captain.

By definition, a fever involves a higher than normal temperature which is usually validated by taking your temperature.

Following an objection raised by Quesada on La Siesta saying they were going to implement temperature checking a meeting was held to discuss this on Friday 11th September.


1) The LLB has NO jurisdiction over-temperature checking. Clubs can take it on themselves to implement this.

2) ALL Clubs are notified if temperature checking is taking place at a Club and it is up to individuals to decide if they are in agreement.

3) Club Representatives MUST ensure that this information is sent to ALL their members. It is then the responsibility of the Club Representative to confirm to the LLB Secretary that this has been done.

4) By arriving at a venue where temperature checking is taking place they are giving their consent for it to be carried out.

5) The normally accepted temperature range is 35.4 – 37.4 degrees C. Anyone with a temperature over this, by turning up, has given their consent, therefore, accepting being refused entry should that be the case.

6) It is incumbent on all clubs to ensure they have substitutes available in the event that one or more of their team members is unable to play for whatever reason. Generic Rule 17(b) will be applied.

7) Players MUST abide by that part of the Generic Protocol stated above. To play having a heavy cold could lead to passing it onto others and so lower their resistance.

8) If any Club responds by refusing entry to a visiting Club who undertakes temperature checking, they will be removed from the leagues.

9) If any Club wishes to implement anything over and above the Generic Protocol they MUST first advise the LLB Secretary. It will then be circulated to all the Clubs who MUST acknowledge receipt. If a Club fails to notify the LLB Secretary of any additional implementation and tries to enforce this on a visiting team and not allow them to play then that Home team will be into a penalty and forfeit the match.

We have an instruction from the Spanish Bowls Federation to inform them if any club member shows signs of the virus and it is confirmed by a doctor.
We, therefore, request that any club member diagnosed with the virus report their condition to myself at [email protected]
or tel 69143296