Bonalba Open Mixed Triples Competition Rules 06/11/21

Rules and Information of the Competition

  • All entering teams are divided into two groups. Each team plays four timed games of 50 minutes against other teams in the same group, with a one hour break between games.
  • Teams consist of three players of mixed sexes.
  • The winning team and the runners up will be decided by the number of points won, 2 points for each win, 1 point for each draw and 1 point for each end won in the game. In the unlikely event of a tie the winner will be one of the highest scoring teams that has the highest shot ratio (shots for, divided by shots against).
  • Each game will START on the bell and will be timed. A bell will ring again after 50 minutes, after which, players should complete any end already started, ie where the jack has been delivered AND centred before the bell.
  • Toss for the mat on each game. Jacks can be placed before the bell rings at the start of each game.
  • No trial ends all shots count on all ends.
  • No visiting the head and both players at the head should leave before either plays.
  • During the game (other than the initial delivery of the jack) if a jack goes out of play it will be re-centred on the 2 metre mark (back tee) if available, or the nearest free spot ahead and play will continue. If it is put out of play by the final wood of a game the jack will also be re-centred on the 2 meter mark (back tee) as stated and shots counted from that position. There will be no dead ends.
  • Each team to keep a score card, scoring their score on the left hand side of the card, the scoreboard must be kept for spectators etc. Both skips should check and sign each other’s scorecards, then hand them to the Competition Organizer or their representative, without delay to avoid loss of points.
  • Teams decide their own order of play which may not be changed during the course of a game, but can be changed for subsequent games.
  • Except for the above, the laws of the game as applied to Spain, will apply.
  • The entry fee of €24 per team to be paid to the appointed Club official in the clubhouse before play commences and the score cards will then be issued.

Telephone contact number John Archer 617918598

Competition Organizer John Archer 

Umpire/Timekeeper Tony Hesketh-Field

(Published 7th October 2021)


If any team fails to arrive or are over fifteen minutes late for the game, 8 points will be given to their opponents and cannot play in that game. Please arrive thirty minutes before the start of your game. Whites or Team colours and smooth sole shoes to be worn